Rexburg Wedding During a Pandemic

The reception was decorated with beautiful red roses and lanterns at every table. Family sat around enjoying each other’s company catching up with each other because nobody had seen each other for since the last family get together. A beautiful wedding cake sat in the corner decorated with gold flakes and the same beautiful red roses that graced the tables.

The bride gracefully walked towards her groom with a big smile on her face in her long elegant wedding gown that flowed smoothly across the floor each step sending the fabric rippling down to the floor. The groom with a large ear to ear grin that could be seen by everyone watching. His eyes sparkled as he saw his beautiful bride approach and he pulled her in for their first dance. They rested on each other as they swayed back and forth to a song that signified their new beginning as husband and wife. The wedding reception seemed to be totally normal, but that was hardly the case with the pandemic that was rocking the world at the same time.

Kara and Bryden were one of the best couples we could have had for a wedding in the middle of a pandemic. They handled every challenge that was thrown at them with new regulations, rules, and changes happening daily. Because of the pandemic, the temple grounds would not allow us to take pictures on the temple grounds, the couple was only allowed a minimal amount of guests, and several important family members were not in attendance because of travel restrictions, but the wedding still could not have gone smoother.

The day started a little different than usual as the family all met at the stake center across the street instead of outside the temple walls as is customary. Kara and Bryden had to change into their wedding clothes at the church since they weren’t allowed to change at the temple, but that didn’t mean the celebration when they showed up was any less exciting.

We snapped pictures of the family and guests with the honorary couple. Everyone was there to see the beautiful couple and show their support despite possible quarantines they may have to follow upon returning home. Kara’s brothers made their appearance in the family pictures through picture frames Kara’s mother had brought. They both serve in the military and were unable to make it to the wedding because of travel restrictions, but they were not forgotten including in the sibling picture where both Kara and her sister each held a picture of one of their brothers.

The pandemic details didn’t stop there as we arrived at the reception several creative gifts sat on the tables including the much coveted bleach wipes and toilet paper. Hand sanitizer sat at the entrance and social distancing signs welcomed the guests to the reception. It may have been in the middle of a pandemic, but that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time.

The family and guests danced the night away. The dance floor was filled with people having a good time and for a few hours the world felt normal. The couple danced, the bouquet was tossed, the cake was cut, and we got to know the couple through the shoe game as they answered who was more likely to do different things. Despite the pandemic going on around us, there was a sense of peace and happiness that existed at Kara & Bryden’s wedding, and after everything was said and done, I’m sure nobody will forget this wedding and how it made them feel.

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