Romantic Wedding at the Rose Shop- Idaho Falls


Samy and Rose were our first couple ever and they had one of the most beautiful weddings to this day. These two grew up together and their families were friends so when we got asked to photograph their wedding we knew we were in for a party and this wedding did not disappoint. There was not a seat to spare as the entire Rose shop was filled with friends and family who adored this couple.

Samy and Rose were different than a lot of the couples we have since photographed in that most of our communication was through Samy and Rose was very reserved and quiet, but she was one of the most elegant and graceful brides. This gave us a little bit of insight into their relationship though as Samy was definitely Rose’s protector. From the way he gazed at her beautiful brown eyes all night to the way he showed her off to his family it was very evident that Samy absolutely adored Rose and he wanted nothing more than to make her happy and comfortable.

One of our favorite details from this wedding was the handmade leather keychains made by Samy’s grandfather. He handmade hundreds of tiny hats and attached them to keychains as wedding favors for all the guests and we were so lucky to get one as well.

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