Outdoor Field Bridal Session in Sugar City, ID

Jaci & Raul were the start of our streak of sessions full of rain. I’m not even kidding when I say there was a point last summer where every time we scheduled a session it rained, but it was well worth it for these beautiful skies.

Jaci & Raul were such good sports and you’d never know that Jacom was actually hearding cows out of the way to clear a spot for them to take pictures.

Jacom & Raul grew up together working on this farm for their wrestling coach. Spending their summers building fences, cleaning ponds, and doing chores and somehow they still managed to play around at the same time.

Raul did really luck out when he found Jaci though because she is one of the sweetest and kindest people we have ever met. She’s always willing to help others out and she is sweet enough that anyone would feel comfortable around her, but sassy enough to deal with Raul and all of his harrassment.

One of the cutest requests we had was this shot of their pinky promises they always make to each other.

Go read about this wedding though because it is one that we will NEVER forget.

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