Backyard Wedding in Sugar City, ID

Jaci & Raul’s Wedding took place in Jaci’s aunt’s backyard and was a party all day long. This was a wedding we will never forget not only because of the love the couple shared, but also the love the family showed for the couple.

Jaci started her day off at Jagged Edge salon getting her hair and makeup where Laura did an awesome job getting her glammed up for the day.

Jacom spent the morning over at the house while Raul was getting ready and helped set things up for the ceremony. One of the things we were really impressed with was the maple tree Jaci’s uncle chopped down at a moments notice to make way for the arch from Big Day Decor and a spot for Raul & Jaci to stand during the wedding. Jaci’s aunt would do anything for Jaci.

The bridal party really did bring the party as the night went on with lots of conversation that later turned into lots of dancing.

Our favorite part of the whole wedding was the first dance though. Many tears were shed from both families as they witnessed one of the sweetest dances where Raul pulled Jaci in tight with their heads nuzzled together swaying back and forth to one of their favorite songs. You could look through the crowd and see Jaci’s aunt with tears rolling down her cheeks as her eyes gleamed with pride, her mother and father close by with similar tears of joy. Raul’s mother smiled pleasantly with a look that showed she knew Raul had picked a winner.

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