Backyard Country Wedding

One of the biggest requests we had for Shaylin’s wedding was a first look with her dad. Her mom zipped her dress up slowly and then combed her veil into her hair. After a hug from her mother she was ready to show her dad.

Shaylin is the only girl in her family full of boys and she is very much a Daddy’s girl. She had tucked away a small card to give her dad before he gave his daughter away to be married.

As we set her dad up family sat around to see his reaction. Her father removed his sunglasses and voiced how he wouldn’t be crying for this. Shaylin stood behind him excited to turn him around.

As she slowly tapped his shoulder he turned around embracing Shaylin proclaiming how beautiful she was in her wedding dress. Tears started to fall from his eyes as his daughter stood in from of him as a bride for the first time.

Shaylin handed over her card with a personalized note written to her dad. He started to read the card out loud to those who were around. The farther he progressed through the notes written on the card the more wet eyes that began to surround us. Nothing can replace the love a dad has for his daughter.

As the wedding began Zac and Shaylin had a beautiful ceremony lead by their poet preacher. He cracked jokes about how men and women think and how to make a marriage work.

The preacher proclaimed how if a man changes his mind about loving you, he will let you know, but sometimes men forget to tell you everyday they love you. He then stated how women are going to tell you everyday they love you because they love you every day.

The most touching part of the ceremony as with many ceremonies was the vows the preacher spoke to the couple.

“Zac Shaylin is not only going to be your wife, She’s going to be your best friend and your partner. She promises to support you, listen when you need someone to talk to, and encourage you in your dreams. She’ll be your comfort in times of struggle and she’s the one that God has specifically designed for you.”

“Shaylin Zac is not only going to be your husband, but he is going to be your partner and protector. He’s going to be the one that knows you more than anyone else, he’ll be there to talk to you late at night, and comfort you when this world has come against you. He’s the one that God specifically designed for you.”

The preacher continued with his reminder, “… marriage made in heaven is a union of two lives and two hearts that beat as one so welded together that they walk and work in love.”

“A husband and wife should bear each other’s burdens as well as share each other’s joys. Being considerate, loving, helpful, tender heartedly always putting the other one’s needs above our own.”

Zac and Shaylin, we wish you many happy years to come and hope you never lose that sparkle in your eye for each other. We hope your love for each other grows and strengthens over the years and that you will be able to endure all the troubles and trials you will face together. We hope you always enjoy spending time together. Thank you for letting us spend your wedding day with you.

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