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When we met Zac and Shaylin for the first time we instantly fell in love with them and their relationship. As we talked over wedding details with Shaylin, Zac sat at the other end of the table silently nodding his head. He was very engaged in the conversation, but also very reserved. Zac is not a man of many words, but we could tell from the beginning how much he loves Shaylin.

We chuckled when we heard how Zac and Shaylin met. Zac was a friend of Shaylin’s brother. Being the only girl in her big family Zac surely made an impression on Shaylin as they dated for some time before Zac popped the question.

Last Christmas as Shaylin was opening her Christmas present she had no idea she was about to open the best gift of her life. As she carefully unwrapped the bow and peeled the paper from the large box in her parents’ living room her family all nearby to watch, she peers in the box and sees Zac with a ring box in hand.

Before Shaylin has time to realize what’s happening, Zac gets on one knee with Shaylin’s engagement ring in hand and pops the big question, will you Marry me? Lucky for us, Shaylin said yes and we got to celebrate their relationship with them and capture these special moments.

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