Fall Wedding at Valentine Ballroom Pocatello, ID

I’ve never heard vows as unique and personalized as I did at Tammy and Mike’s wedding. To know Tammy and Mike is to love them. You will never find two more fun and joyful people. Tammy may have four kids and they may have found their love later than some, but don’t let that fool you because these two are still so full of youth and life.

Tammy and Mike met just like many modern relationships on an online dating site. According to Tammy she was just about to delete her account. She had been contacted by several men that she had zero interest in. She felt like the dating site she was using was no longer worth her time as it continued to produce dead end after dead end… That is, until Mike came along.

Mike was a gentleman. He was chivalrous, he had manners, but he also had a sense of humor. He knew how to enjoy life and had totally turned Tammy’s perspective around as she fell head over heels in love with him.

As the ceremony commenced we shouldn’t have expected anything less as Tammy and Mike played rock paper scissors to determine who would say their vows first, but after two ties in a row we listened to Mikes vows to Tammy.

As Mike made promises to Tammy that he would always have her coffee ready in the morning, that he would continue to be himself around her, he would continue to make family game night a real competition. Mike made a promise to Tammy that the man she was marrying on this day would be the mine he would strive to be the rest of their lives. He promised to be himself for Tammy, but also to love her unconditionally.

But Tammy was not about to be outshined as she started her vows off by telling us all about how Mike had been peeping at her vows before the wedding, asking her what her word count was because he wanted his to be longer.

Tammy told stories about the man she had fallen in love with. The man who had put her bikini bottoms on to mow the lawn just so he could outshine the neighbor, the man who waltzed into the room butt naked as she ran on the treadmill, the man who made everything a competition, the goofy, lovable, fun guy that she has decided to spend the rest of her life with.

Mike’s love didn’t stop with Tammy, however, as he explained how excited he was to become part of a family including four kids that he and Tammy both loved. He talked about adventures with Tammy’s children, the bonds he formed with them, and how grateful he was to not only be marrying Tammy, but also to be a part of their lives.

After both the laughs and tears we shared with everyone else during the ceremony the party was only beginning. We watched a beautiful slideshow full of pictures of Tammy and Mike together and some of their favorite memories.

We listened to toasts from Tammy’s maid of honor who exclaimed how much Mike had become the light of Tammy’s life as well as from Mike’s groomsmen who told us they were so glad their buddy had found someone to be the center of his world.

After all was said and done the party still was not over as Tammy and Mike shared dances with their parents and their first dance as newlyweds. Family and friends joined in on the dance floor and that dance floor was full the rest of the night.

After the dancing was over, there was no better way to end the night than with a bubble send off. We truly enjoyed our time at Tammy and Mike’s wedding.

We wish you guys many more years of family game nights, years full of deep belly laughs, several more dances shared and songs sung together, and even more embarrassing memories you can reflect on fondly together. We cannot wait to see what your future holds!

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